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Basic Management
For small hospitals that want to try out Curbside's pathway system.
EHR Integration
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For hospital systems that need the full power of clinical effectiveness
Core Features
Default Curbside pathway content
unlimited free (89)
unlimited free (89)
Web pathway managment tool
EHR augmented order entry tool
Epic® EHR
(more coming)
Integrated governance model
Customizable editor permissions
Pathway utilization/demographics
Provider ordering behavior
Provider outlier identification
Clinical department metrics
pathway utilization
clinical, operational & financial
Other benefits
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24/7 comprehensive support
Commonly Asked Questions
In order to get your institution started on Curbside, simply contact us and we will get back to you right away. For our pathway managment tool, we don't need anything special and can get you started immediately. For our EHR integrated augmented order entry we are happy to talk to the clinical goverance and information services members of your organization regarding cost and implementation.
We believe that clinical content on Curbside has the potential to help people across the globe, therefore we make not claim on the user generated pathway content created on the service. You have the right to create, share and remove any content on your pathways any time you want. See our terms for further information.
Curbside uses FHIR and another web framework inside the Epic® EHR to deliver pathways in a integrated application. This model requires no new software and minimal integration expertise/resources. We are happy to work with your information services team to discuss more.
Currently Curbside's augmented order entry is only compatible with the Epic® EHR. Other EHR integrations are planned for the near future. If you would like to work with Curbside as a development partner for other EHR vendor integrations, please just contact us.
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